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PRFM with Selphyl is considered to be the most advanced system available nowadays. Because of a higher concentration of platelet-rich plasma, PRFM is more powerful and effective than regular PRP Therapy. PRFM is also being proved to be more stable that gives the procedure and effect of it to last longer - instead of being productive for about a day as in case with PRP, PRFM works to encourage healing and rejuvenating processes for up to a week. Isn’t it what we were all waiting for…great natural results and safe and effective treatment.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of PRFM:

1. It give you total REJUVENATION
This treatment stimulates collagen and elastin production that effectively smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, helps to thicken and tighten aging skin and even works perfectly with pigmentation.

2. It’s a natural treatment.
For this treatment your practitioner uses only your own natural elements (PRP) without adding any foreign products or elements.

3. It is a safe treatment.
This treatment has a long long history of successful implementation in medicine since 1970th and is widely being used in hospital system and sport medicine since then for its healing properties and high efficiency. And again, since it uses your own natural elements , this treatment is very safe.

4. Helps to treat delicate areas same as areas that are difficult to reach.
This treatment works great in the ares that are usually considered delicate (such as under eye area) and that cannot (in some cases) be treated with any other method such as laser, IPL, microneedling etc.

5. Natural results that last up to 1.5 years.
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