How long do the effects of botox last?

Botox effects typically last three to six months. To experience the best Botox results, our professional injector will determine the optimal dosage for your desired treatment area. After your treatment, you will notice an improvement in facial lines that can last up to 5 months. Even though results are usually seen in 3-5 days, final results will appear 7-10 days after your Botox injection. Also, it is recommended that you refrain from any lifting or exercising for 24 hours after your Botox treatment so that it doesn’t migrate under your skin.

Botox Results Mature Skin | Crows Feet & Forehead Wrinkles
How much is botox in NYC?

The average cost of Botox in NYC ranges between $10 and $20 a unit. Typically, the price of a Botox injection depends on the amount of units needed to treat the desired area. At Perfect MedSpa, our experienced Botox injector will determine the optimal dosage for you to experience the best Botox results. Send us a text, an email or message through Facebook/Instagram with a short description of your Botox injection needs and our manager will send you our Botox pricing and details.

Botox injections

Botox injections are the most popular cosmetic treatment designed to help you look younger. The treatment is safe and FDA approved to temporarily smooth moderate to severe forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet lines near the eyes, and frown lines between the eyebrows. After a Botox injection, the botox solution will start to reduce the muscle activity that causes facial lines and wrinkles. Next, you will notice the gradual softening of lines and your skin will become smoother with a more refreshed appearance. Of course, every patient is unique but most people start to notice the effects of Botox within 1-10 days. Usually, results last 3-5 months and you can repeat your treatment to maintain them.

Botox process
  • Sign up for a free consultation to determine a proper treatment plan and discuss your Botox treatment with our clinician
  • Botox injection usually takes around 15 minutes and there can be little to no recovery time
  • Our clinician will review post-treatment care with you
  • Botox can last up to 5 months, therefore, for best results patients will repeat their treatment.
Benefits of botox
Little to no downtime

You can continue your daily activities after the injection.

No anesthesia is necessary

Forget about anesthesia and other surgery related concerns.

Botox is quick and convenient

Injections usually take around 15 minutes.

Botox treats
  • Frown lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Crows feet
  • Glabella
Perfect Medspa promise
Attention to details

We understand that every client is different therefore provide everyone with an individual assessment plan to choose a treatment that will work for you.

Relaxing atmosphere

You can relax at Perfect Medspa. Spacious rooms, gorgeous NYC views and courteous staff are always at your convenience and will assist at your first request.

Aftercare supervision

Our manager will follow-up in a few days to make sure that you are satisfied with the results.

Is botox right for me?

Do not use Botox without an evaluation from your Botox physician. Look for a Botox alternative if you are allergic to Botox ingredients. Before determining your treatment plan, an evaluation is necessary at Perfect MedSpa.

Is botox injection painful?

Botox doesn’t require administration of anesthesia but we offer our patients to ice the treatment area before the injection to ensure that the treatment is pain-free and comfortable. There is usually little to no discomfort after the injection and patients can return to their normal activities right away. Patients who take Aspirin, Vitamin E or Fish Oil on a regular basis may experience mild bruising which can be easily and quickly resolved by applying Auriderm cream to the area of treatment.

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