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LED Light Therapy In NYC

LED Light Therapy-The Game Changer for Better Skin!

The Light Therapy with us at Perfect Med Spa promises to take your facial rejuvenation to a new level. We provide therapy with five colored light settings that aim to solve all your skin problems!

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What is LED Light Therapy at Perfect Med Spa?
The LED Light Therapy at Perfect Med Spa is a non-invasive and painless skincare treatment that uses infrared lights in different wavelengths to penetrate deep into your skin that is targeted to rejuvenate damaged skin. It can generate cells and repair tissues and has benefits for the skin.
The Benefits of LED Light Therapy for the Skin at Perfect Med Spa?

LED light therapy with us is a complete must for younger and better-looking skin! You could have tried methods like BioRePeel, and Ultherapy for your skin ad enjoyed its benefits, too, its time to explore the benefits of LED light therapy:

  • It stimulates collagen and elastin production
  • It restores your skin’s damaged cells and tissues
  • It smoothens your skin
  • It treats your acne
  • It minimizes the appearance of your wrinkles and age spots
  • It regulates your skin’s natural oil production
What happens during LED Light Therapy at Perfect Med Spa?
At Perfect MedSpa, the LED light therapy comes with varying wavelengths of light –that includes blue, yellow, green, amber, and red that gets absorbed by the receptors in your skin. Light is a source of energy that catalyzes the renewal of your skin’s tissues.
Which Skin Type Can Undergo LED Light Therapy?

The experts at Perfect MedSpa state that LED Light therapy is suitable for all skin types and tones. Further, people experiencing rosacea can also benefit from LED light facial treatments!

LED Light Therapy at our clinics is completely safe as it is conducted with utmost care. Also, we use a spectrum of light that does not use UV rays; hence it is guaranteed to be harm-free and will not give you a tan.

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Thanks to a state of art technologies that we use you don’t have to worry about anesthesia or surgery, long recovery and unpleasant side effects. All of the treatments that we perform are FDA‑approved and have been tested thousand of times. As per results- we guarantee that you will be satisfied. In fact, our manager will contact you after the treatment to make sure that you are happy with the results!

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Would you trust a Med Spa that employs only experienced clinicians, rigorous machinery and received numerous licenses and awards from the providers of the best aesthetic treatments? We would! Therefore we follow the game rules by employing the best experts in NYC, rigorously selecting our treatments and staying on top of the most effective beauty methods to assure our clients that trust they put in us will be returned in full.