Having fuller, plump-looking lips can not only help balance your overall facial appearance, it can help you feel more confident and look younger. For women who are interested in upping their facial wow factor without the need for invasive surgical procedures or lip fillers, Perfect MedSpa in NYC is proud to offer cutting-edge LipLase laser lip plumping treatment for beautiful results with no downtime required.

As we age, our bodies naturally produce less collagen, which can make our lips appear less full, making our face appear older. At Perfect MedSpa in NYC, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of esthetic services to help our clients stay happy, healthy, and radiant. LipLase is a laser technology system that can help you achieve fuller and more sensual lips without the pain or lengthy recovery of more invasive procedures.

LipLase helps to improve the appearance of your lips naturally, so you never look overdone. At Perfect MedSpa, we strive to offer personalized attention to each of our clients, allowing us to fully understand your exact needs and goals so that we can offer you unsurpassed service. Our entire staff is highly-trained and dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible. We are proud to offer LipLase because it is a gentle and effective method of rejuvenating your facial appearance. We believe it is our job to help each of our clients unlock and enhance their natural beauty, which is something that LipLase does very well.

LipLase uses laser technology to gently and effectively stimulate the production of collagen in your lips. By doing so, it helps to amplify your body’s natural processes, which is what makes LipLase such a great option for people seeking a lip enhancement that looks totally natural. We aren’t adding anything to your body with injectables or surgery. Instead, Perfect MedSpa’s LipLase laser system allows us to gently improve your appearance by helping your body do what it’s meant to. The benefits of LipLase versus other lip enhancement methods are numerous. Not only will you receive natural-looking results, there is no recovery time required, no bruising, no needles, and zero pain.

The LipLase process is fast and comfortable. When the laser hits your lips, most patients say it feels like drops of hot water. However, the feeling is not painful or particularly uncomfortable. Following your procedure, you may continue to feel warmth in your lip area for up to 30 minutes. The procedure itself takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes. Once your lip rejuvenation treatment is finished, you can head straight back to work or out to dinner with friends! The only side effect is that you may experience some mild peeling in the first 1-2 days after your appointment. We recommend using a rich moisturizer to reduce the peeling and help your lips heal.

The effects of a LipLase treatment can last anywhere from 4-6 months, sometimes even up to a year. For some people, a series of 3-4 treatments may be required initially in order to attain their desired results. If you are interested in what LipLase can do for your facial appearance, contact Perfect MedSpa in NYC today to schedule your consultation.

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